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What to Look for in an Insurance Agent

Insurance Buying Tips

There are several types of insurance agents. Among them: “independent agents” and “captive agents.” At the Donegal Insurance Group, we offer our products exclusively through independent agents. We believe that the agents representing our group of companies provide a superior level of service to you.

Unlike captive agents, who represent only one insurance carrier, independent agents represent several insurance companies. Since different insurance carriers target their products to different types of individuals and businesses, an independent agent can often provide several options for you to consider.

There are other advantages to obtaining insurance through an independent agent. Besides offering products from multiple companies, an independent agent knows the right questions to ask to make sure you get the coverage you need.

Since your agent is a member of your community, he or she can develop a long-term relationship with you as you meet face-to-face and discuss your insurance needs.

An independent agent is more than just a salesperson; he or she is an insurance professional, trained to meet all your insurance needs.

When looking for an agent, you’ll want to:

  • Find one close to your home, and whose hours of operation are convenient to you.
  • Consider the stability of an agent. How long have they been in business?
  • Ask for the agent's credentials to be sure they have received adequate training.
  • Expect the agent to be knowledgeable and professional in their dealings with you.
  • Use the agent as a source of information about the carriers they represent, and ask why one carrier is recommended over another.

We encourage you to find an agent by using the tool on our website, then contact them to find out more about the insurance options available to you.